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In this digital era with tablets and smartphones, our children are constantly in front of a screen. But we are also in an era promoting a healthy lifestyle.  So how do we encourage our youth to move while still stimulating them intellectually?  The Monts-et-Marées School Board has found a solution by choosing LÜ Interactive to animate its gymnasiums differently.

In fact, the 17 schools in that School Board in the Bas-Saint-Laurent now uses this revolutionary pedagogical tool, distributed exclusively by IT2GO Solutions in Quebec.  The objective: Motivate students to do physical activity differently within their school environment.  As a matter of fact, LÜ makes tens of thousands of children move in more than 20 countries.

What is LÜ Interactive ?

With LÜ Interactive, the gymnasiums get transformed into veritable immersive and interactive play spaces.  How?  3D cameras show digital animations on the walls, while synchronising them with a sound and lighting system. The kids must, for example, reach targets with balls to spell certain words. Various applications are available, depending on the skills to be developed.

“We are happy to be the precursors in Quebec, says the Executive Director of the Monts-et-Marées School Board, Marthe Émond. All of our schools have gotten the LÜ equipment. Parents and students alike think it is fantastic to have access to this interactive technology.”

« Stimulate children differently »

The congressman of the Matane-Matapédia district, Pascal Bérubé, got caught up in the game by throwing balls on the new interactive wall of the Saint-Victor school gymnasium in Matane. “Education is changing, children are changing and we have to stimulate them differently, he says.  Before, we used to talk about the new information technologies. We are now much more advanced than that!  Schools must take into account what the world has become.”

Moving while learning

The various applications available with LÜ allow learning through play. “It’s wonderful because our students remain very active while learning, says the President of the Mont-et-Marées School Board, Céline Lefrançois. With LÜ, the children want to come to the gymnasium, because we are using it differently. It is an added value for all our schools.”

IT2GO is the exclusive supplier of the pedagogical tool LÜ Interactive in Quebec.

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