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About us


Cutting-edge it solutions

Thanks to its flawless service and proven expertise in technology solutions, IT2GO has carved out an enviable niche in the IT market. Every day, the company provides exclusive client advantages, high-performance products, unrivaled expertise and genuine customer service.

IT2GO has won the admiration of large corporations and organizations and is now renowned for its work in various sectors and industries. The team knows how to address current issues at the governmental, educational and corporate levels in order to provide services and products that are tailored to their specific needs.



The IT2GO team has a wealth of IT experience and is renowned for their commitment to excellence! Our team includes leading experts, who are well-respected by large manufacturers for their extensive expertise. Our certifications and partnerships are the result of this great combination of experts, who are passionate about IT!


A matter of integrity!

The company’s core values are based on integrity. The top priority of IT2GO’s team of professionals is to keep its promises:

  • Deploy services in our clients’ best interests
  • Work with honesty, honour and authenticity
1. Proven skills

To maintain our competitive advantage, our constant priority is to continually improve our IT skills.

2. Unparalleled professionalism

When you do business with IT2GO, you’ll have peace of mind: we apply rigorous standards to every project. You can confidently entrust the integrity of your IT facilities and the balance of your organization to an experienced, meticulous and reputable team.

3. Dedicated and attentive team

The secret of quality service is active and attentive listening. We provide technology solutions that closely match your specific needs and challenges.

4. Sound advice

To increase your productivity and accelerate your growth, IT2GO experts will be pleased to share tips with your team to improve your methods.

5. Simplification

From the first phone call, IT2GO’s mission is to simplify your IT facilities and operations. Our team will provide integrated solutions that best support your business objectives and make your IT management easier.

6. Efficiency

Each step of IT2GO’s service is designed to allow you to devote your time to what you do best: your job!

7. Priority

The delivery of services is designed to give priority to clients’ urgent or most important concerns.

8. Intelligent investment

Investing in your IT with the help of IT2GO means choosing the security, reliability and expertise of a team that keeps pace with intelligent technological advances.

9. Optimal strategy

To protect each company’s environment and assets, IT2GO has the expertise to develop customized strategies.

10. Adaptability

Do you have specific needs or budget limitations? Thanks to its advanced knowledge and range of services, IT2GO is able to adapt to your situation.

Opt for the efficiency, reliability and expertise of IT2GO.