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IT2GO‘s networking experts provide you with a suitable network structure for optimal IT network support. Our goal is to connect all users on your network as efficiently as possible while ensuring data security and protection of confidential data. Each project is planned in accordance with your sector’s ethical obligations.

Our services

  • Network infrastructure design
  • Wireless deployment planning
  • Active and/or predictive site survey

High-performance, reliable tools for your organization


Formerly known as Brocade, Ruckus is a leader in open architecture core and aggregate switches. Ruckus wireless solutions ensure exceptional flexibility and performance.

IT2GO relies on Ruckus for transporting any IOT signal and connecting multi-standard network environments.

2. IOT (Internet Of Things)

IOT is a computer automation and control tool for home automation objects: physical door locks, various entrances, temperature management, etc. With the assistance of Ruckus products, IT2GO will allow you to use this technology with no protocol limitations.

3. NAC (Network Access Control) NETWORK MANAGEMENT

IT2GO offers two tools to manage network access via intuitive and highly secure platforms: Cloudpath and Solarwinds. They allow you to manage the desired types of access according to users.

3.1 Cloudpath

Secure your users’ network connection using Cloudpath software and its unparalleled encryption system. Its intuitive design allows for a simple user experience that eliminates most support requests for network access.

Deployed via the Cloud or onsite virtualized environment, Cloudpath meets all users’ needs, regardless of the device and infrastructure.

3.2 Solarwinds

Quickly find and troubleshoot any changes affecting your system and applications. Solarwinds will help you assess your network’s performance and the impact of server and application configuration changes over time.

IT2GO recommends this software for its advanced intelligence in terms of adaptability and its warning system for large environments.

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