Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is the most complete Cloud platform and the most used in the world. With more than 200 complete services, they propose a large range of informatics solutions for all your needs. AWS have data centre all around the round with millions of clients. From solutions for working from home to integrating VMware Cloud on AWS, all your projects will meet their solutions. AWS strengths are innovation, their various services and their competitive prices. Leader in the Cloud domain, AWS will answer you needs.

At IT2GO, we have AWS experts that will guide you through your transition to the cloud and advise you on the best services for you.

IT2GO Solutions is proud to have completed the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Transformation Program, a success highlighted by the multinational in a publication.

This AWS program has enabled IT2GO to accelerate its process of managing cloud services, resulting in a significant increase in its customer base.

Cloud migration, where to start? – Part 1

Presented by Anthony M. Blais & Luc Parent

This introduction to the cloud covers different economic aspects and transformational challenges coming from the cloud. Learn more on the strengths of the cloud such as flexibility, pricing, agility, security and HR. You will also see the mechanisms of the transformation to the cloud, from resources to anchoring.

Cloud migration, where to start? – Part 2

Presented by Anthony M. Blais & Luc Parent

This introduction sequence to the cloud presents an elaboration of the steps to plan the migration of your applications to the cloud services. You will also learn the difference between AWS and its competitors and the reasons to choose our partner.

AWS Cloud best practices – Foundation and flexibility

Presented by Vincent Rioux

Learn the basis of the setting up of a strategy multi-accounts on AWS. Discover the ways of securing your cloud environment for all your organization and gain from the experience of the best practices to accelerate the setting up of your foundation into the cloud.

Flexibility and resilience – Understand AWS elasticity

Presented by Anthony M. Blais & Luc Parent

This video will give you an overview of the notions and principles of AWS architecture in order to enjoy an economy of scale throughout your organization. Our speakers present you the notions of flexibility and resilience leaning on explications and examples.

AWS horizontal elasticity – How it works

Presented by Jonathan Pehau

The elasticity is present in various functions of the AWS ecosystem. We propose you this technic session on this aspect of the cloud. This immersion will make you discover a key function in the cloud world allowing flexibility and gain while minimizing implication and management.

AWS simple Cloud storage (S3)

Presented by Jonathan Pehau

Amazon Web Services offers a multitude of functionalities more interesting than the last. One of them is the S3 function allowing the object storage in the AWS ecosystem. In this video, we will show you how the function of protection, management and availability are working and are configured. After, we will put you in context with real case using storage space and how to integrate it to your environment.

Accelerate your migration to the cloud with WMWare on AWS

Presented by Chris Tomiuk

Learn how to expand and protect your VMWare environment in hybrid cloud while you migrate to the Cloud Public AWS. The WMWare Cloud on AWS solution permits to accelerate and simplify your cloud migration of all sizes while diminishing the risks due to the cloud platform of AWS.

The AWS difference – Things to know

Presented by Jonathan Dion

Learn how the corporate culture of AWS transform the relationship client-cloud provider. Discover what makes AWS the leader in services cloud and why this position stays throughout the years.

Attach your datacenter to AWS safely and securely

Presented by Vincent Rioux

Discover how to put in place a private and secure cloud hybrid architecture while using the connectivity, private networks and routing services on AWS. In this video, you will learn how to connect your cloud with your data centre with the help of a presentation of important notions and a demonstration.

Applications and workspaces – Where to begin and how to find yourself

Presented by Jonathan Pehau

Today we face a new reality with work from home. How to deploy a scalable and agile environment with AWS? How to provide for graphics applications? We recommend this video half theory and half demonstration on the native possibilities of AWS to help you provide a reliable, on demand and safe access to all your users by using Appstream and Workspaces.

Protect your data from ransomware with DelL Data Domain and AWS

Presented by Anthony M. Blais

This video approach the different strategies involving the protection of your backups as well as the integration of cloud services to your backups. You will learn how to plan a safeguard strategy, what software to use and a lot more.