Virtualization services have transformed the way we deploy and manage IT infrastructure.

Superior solutions

IT2go provides products and solutions to its customers that are :

  • Recognized by the industry
  • At the forefront of technological developments
  • Effective, stable and reliable
  • With a higher level of service

Certified specialists

Our employees are certified on the best technology in the industry, and adopt the best practices possible.

Cost reduction

The impact of virtualization on your business is important and reduces costs of :

  • Acquisition and Management (up to 50%)
  • Energy Costs (up to 80%)
  • Long Downtimes

Types of virtualization

Virtualization touches key services like :

  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Workstations
  • Servers
  • Clients

For each of these solutions, IT2go has built a solid reputation, and its expertise is recognized by a vast pool of satisfied customers.

Whether it is for your infrastructure, your networking or for your clients, our approach remains the same: analyze your needs , propose solutions that are clear and concise, and implement them with best practices and service level agreements that control costs and results. It is our promise.


Associated with NComputing technology,  IT2go offersto the education sector an easily deployable and affordable way to implement a complete virtual desktop infrastructure in a few days.

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#1 VM backup solution!

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World-class virtualization software for the success of your projects.

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