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IT2go Solutions is proud to be one of Dell’s most successful Canadian partners. With a strong presence as a manufacturing agent in the educational sector, IT2go is also your choice provider of direct sales for all your business needs. This means the best of both worlds : national level leading prices and offerings, with the local and friendly human interaction. Get the world-class products and services you deserve, close to home.

To date, Dell is the only major manufacturer offering a full range, “end to end” line of products and services. Workstations, laptops, tablets, servers, security appliances, wireless, networking infrastructure, software solutions, and more!

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Dell has demonstrated a future-oriented vision by investing heavily in new technologies. Most recently, Dell has acquired SonicWALL and Quest Software.




Oxygen Cloud


Want to grow your business? It’s time to plan the implementation of a smart cloud service that can quickly and efficiently adapt to your growth. While maintaining control of your data, you allow your employees to be productive anywhere and on any type of platform (mobile, tablet, phone, internet cafe).



Although recognized as a antivirus global leader, people often forget that Kaspersky offers much more. Not only does it offer an antivirus solution, but also a complete security solutions including the NAC (Network Access Control), encryption, mobile security, web filters as well aspysical or software inventory management.

It is now admitted by all that the antivirus is a way to protect themselves, but today’s modern threats require increased protection. This is why we offer Kaspersky products to our customers.





Hitachi Data Systems


100% uptime is what Hitachi has to offer. Only manufacturer to offer such a high availability for your SAN solutions, solutions Hitachi high-end scalable solutions (iSCSI or fiber) that are accompanied by a range of management software. By looking IT2go counselors to help you identify the right solution, you’ll be surprised at the competitiveness of these solutions versus the others on the market.



Economy and efficiency. Here are two words that come from the mouths of Ncomputing virtual clients users. Extremely effective, very simple, at the time of client virtualization (VDI), the evaluation of this solution is a must for any professional wishing to offer the best value for money to the organization on the market while reducing the time and costs dedicated to asset management. Ncomputing is currently recognized as the company with the largest growth in client workstations in the industry.

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D-Link offers a full range of networking and intelligent security solutions. As the exclusive partner in the education sector, IT2go together with D-Link has also set up an agreement for educational CCSR members giving them special discounts. For more information about the line of products offered by this manufacturer, please visit the following link.



Mobility, Mobility, Mobility …. Today, it is a necessity. Proud partner of Rogers, IT2Go Solutions offers a variety of wireless solutions to help you stay connected with different platforms.

  • Internet Key: USB modem to access the Internet wirelessly.
  • Mobile hotspot: Wi-Fi access with the possibility to connect up to 5 devices Point.
  • Built-in wireless Internet: Dell Computer with integrated 3G technology.

clé rogers droite     Point d_acces Mobile       dell 6510




Veeam is a tool for backing up your virtual solutions that are in the HyperV or VMware environments. This software is so far one of the best value for money in the industry. Discover that Veeam can do for you.



VMware is undoubtedly the “world leader” in virtualization software. With IT2go certified technical staff (VMware Professional) combined with our expertise acquired during multiple deployments , we are able to meet your various needs regarding virtualization whatever if it is at the desktop level or required by your infrastructure.

Virtual Infrastructure, Horizon et Vsphere 5.1 





Aerohive’s Wi-Fi is a 100% solution without controllers. This solution takes advantage of the “Cloud” by its Wireless distributed access points, its cooperative architecture and its cloud services. Aerohive sets a new standard in terms of network functionality while increasing the simplicity of WLAN, routing, and security of business networking.

The strategic approach Aerohive regarding the management, maintenance, security, and deployment of business networks (large and small), can completely circumvent the traditional approaches, and at a price and efficiency unmatched in the industry.



Monitoring tool of choice to protect your investment ITwatcchDogs is a must for server room. This inexpensive product allows you to be proactive with its warning systems, to monitor external factors that can affect your server room. It allows you to know humidity, temperature, air flow, the level of brightness, sound, power, opening the door to your room and more.





Aruba Networks is the leading provider of next-generation access management, network infrastructure and mobility application solutions for mobile enterprise networks.

The company’s Mobile Virtual Enterprise (MOVE) architecture unifies these three core areas into one cohesive and manageable system that strengthens security and dramatically simplifies bring-your-own-device implementations.