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IT2go Solutions Inc. uses its succession


Chambly, December 20, 2017 – IT2go Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce that effective December 21, 2017, Mr. Tommy Bouffard, co-founder and shareholder of IT2go Solutions who held the position of Vice President of the Company becomes the President and the sole shareholder thereof. He succeeds Mr. Paul Beaulieu who was co-founder and president since the beginning of the company in 2008.

Together, they built a strong company that has become a leader in their industry. Thanks to their respective experiences as well as thanks to the processes they have implanted over the years, IT2go has earned the best satisfaction results from its customers.

Today, Mr. Paul Beaulieu continues to work in the company as an advisor to Mr. Bouffard. Mr. Beaulieu is proud to have been able not only to prepare his succession but also to allow it to continue the development of the company they co-founded. Thanks to its staff and the corporate culture put in place, IT2go currently has a solid foundation that will allow Mr. Bouffard to continue the growth noted by many in previous years.

Mr. Bouffard, with the help of the staff of the company, is determined to continue the excellent work done by Mr. Paul Beaulieu and wants IT2go to remain a leader in its sector of activity. Very active in several public sectors including Education, Health, Ministries and Municipalities, under the leadership of Mr. Bouffard, IT2go will also continue its expansion with local businesses.

However, well beyond the administrative changes, the most important point to highlight for us, during this passing of the torch is to mention that Mr. Bouffard comes from the same school of thought as his predecessor. So, being attentive to your needs and being able to help you reach your goals will remain the main priority of our company and its staff.