Flexography and Printing


IT2go … a traditional printer … not at all. Rather we are specialists in a modern era. We are currently the only corporation offering highly specialized and complex printing solutions, which combined with its technological expertise, including various business processes related to your production systems, can accompany you completely from the creation of the data print to the delivery of the final product. Our comprehension of business directly translates into the creation of a relationship offering you an immediate and direct impact in your competitiveness (through a reduction of your Capex or Opex depending on your types of transactions).

Beyond technology, we understand that to create a proper portfolio, several key ingredients are needed. For this reason, we also offer the services of experienced graphic designers to assist you in the creation and modification of your products. It is also crucial for us to offer a personalized support service to your projects where necessary to ensure optimal success.

This support is done according to strict methodology where your expectations are clearly defined and documented in a SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Furthermore, our clients have access to facilities to manage their stock, or the possibility to store their products in a controlled environment, whether this is temperature, humidity of security controlled.

Our printing services are separated into 2 main families – Labels or Business Forms.



Our primary goal is to allow you to attract the attention of your customers while allowing you to stand out.

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Business Forms

Our vision is that forms need to be flexible and adapted to today’s economy, without compromising the controls necessary to achieve your goals and maintain the standards demanded by your industry.

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