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The “cloud”: a revolution

The “cloud”, or cloud computing, means a whole new way to manage IT needs of organizations. With more powerful, yet more compact devices, and fast and efficient communications, dissociating the hardware from the software has never been easier. Although Cloud solutions have been around for quite a long time now (accessing your bank account remotely with a card at your favorites Cafés register is one example), possibilities have never been so vast and interesting for our clients.

Appropriate services

The “cloud” can take various forms:

  • Public “cloud”
  • Private “cloud”
  • Hybrid models

After analyzing your needs, we offer reliable technologies that are both within your budget and aligned with your goals.

Discuss with our experts the numerous possibilities for your IT environment!

Accompanying Methodology

We are different through our accompanying methodology. We listen and analyze before all, and always aim at your ultimate satisfaction.

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Data Protection

Securing your data can look complex and hard to maintain. IT2go Solutions is your partner of choice to make it easy, simple and affordable!

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Short Term Rental

Short term projects? Renting might be the solution!

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Oxygen Cloud

Users are everywhere, but IT isn’t. Oxygen Cloud builds products that allow users to have the same experience everywhere. Enables IT to deploy everywhere. Empowers businesses to capture opportunities everywhere. The office has left the building, finally.

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Worlwide leader that offers more than a simple anti-virus solution.

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